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Webinars and Upcoming Seminars

Marketing WebinaOur Seminars or Webinars can show you how to develop marketing strategies as well as how to go about properly managing your law firm. The good news is that with the right strategies combined with the right marketing techniques the results can be colossal.

Order our Webinar or attend our seminar and see what proven activities will work for you. 

Busy lawyers will be glad to know that marketing doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Significant progress can be made in just 15 minutes a day.

More and more lawyers now appreciate that marketing is essential to their success and is just as important as getting the management right. Unfortunately their efforts often produce poor results and often because they are working without a plan in an unco-ordinated way without mastering the strategies that make them work. 

If you’re doing the right things and doing them consistently, you can build a bigger practice without working harder.  But you can dramatically increase your income by leveraging your existing talents, assets, contacts, and opportunities.

Current Webinars available

Enquire about SLM servicesOur most recent Webinar is called:  “Beyond Survival in 2013:  Getting the key Marketing and Management strategies right”.  It is 2 hours in length and comes in parts so you can sit through smaller parts at a time.

To register just click on the link below and pay the webinar fee of $295 +GST and we will send you the link to access it immediately. 

To get the ball rolling all you need to do is to register.  If you want to know more or have a query let us know that in the registration process or call us on 0407 018 109.

The webinar covers:

  1. Get the firm focussed
    • Who should market?
    • What is marketing?
    • Driving the marketing.
    • Benefits of a Team effort.
  2. Create a Marketing Plan
    • Plans for the firm overall, the different areas
    • Setting targets
    • Execution of the plans- Monthly Action Plans.
  3. Fix the Data Base
    • Why?
    • Your existing clients and targets
    • Categorisation and classification
  4. Improve the Website
    • It’s not all about you
    • Getting the biographies right
  5. Create regular Newsletters
    • Benefits of eNewsletters
    • Tips to get it right
  6. Conduct regular Seminars
    • To clients/the public
    • To targeted groups
    • Overcoming resistance within the firm
  1. The Vision and importance of Goal Setting
    • Fundamental question – why are you in business?
    • What do your partners think?
    • Getting the right people “on the bus”.
    • Consequences for failures and successes
  2. Setting proper Budgets
    • Having Client and Firm Time budgets
    • Calculating Fee budgets
  3. Time Recording Policy
    • Knowing its purpose
    • Consistency is essential
    • Accuracy too
  4. Credit Control Policy
    • Consistency with initial correspondence
    • Who are the “good clients”
    • Concept of cyclical billing
    • Role of your Credit controller
  5. Client Engagement Policy
    • Effective communication at engagement
    • Method of payments
    • Frequency
    • Estimates and exceptions
    • Disbursements
    • Consequences for any breaches.
  6. Career Path Policy
    • The benefits are for everyone
    • Striving to attract the best

Upcoming Seminars

We conduct seminars in most states of Australia at different times during the year.
Once dates are settled we place the details on the website and announce them in our electronic updates.