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Skype Meetings

If your firm could do with marketing and management help but it would cost too much to pay for a Consultant to visit regularly, or perhaps you run a small Law Firm and need to keep a tight rein on costs.

We have the solution…we visit you via Skype meetings on the computer.

We call you on the computer over Skype and hold a meeting for 2 hours each month over a 12 month period. The meetings are with different people in your team; the principal, the office manager, the junior solicitor or whoever it is necessary to meet with, during this time.

We work to an agenda and a program of what needs to be done in advance and so we have a roadmap of the work that is most needed. 

Before the meeting ends we recap on the work to do ahead of the next meeting, so that we maintain a momentum and everyone knows who is to do what and by when.

Just as we do for our on-site visits we run through a similar program, albeit at a slower pace, given that the monthly meetings are set at 2 hours per month, ratherthan 4 or 8.

Enquire about SLM servicesWith your approval, SLM is able to introduce practical and workable strategies styled to your firm, that will save you from making avoidable mistakes and to take advantage of our years of law firm marketing and management experience, compared to other consultants who provide advice to numerous industries let alone having practiced law themselves for decades or dealing with situations you confront daily.

Management issues:

Whilst each firm is different usually small to medium law firms have management issues that usually include:

We help you educate and coach your staff introducing them to these issues and policies and get them “on board”.  They need to know what their targets are (not just fee targets) and how they are performing.

This means they need to know what non-billable work they should be doing, for example, the creation of precedents, or on training or in dealing with your Accounts person on billing issues etc.  Once this is done you can calculate what time remains to do the client or billable work.

Depending on the particular circumstances within your firm, it may be necessary to do some “back-end” work, introducing some or all of these written policies and systems. These systems are designed to provide you create certainty within the firm so that everyone knows what the firms policies are and what is expected of them rather than having no structure within which to work.

Marketing issues

Principals nearly always have a desire to attract more “good” work, but in spite of this, it is not uncommon for small to medium law firms to have no written marketing plans at all.  Any marketing undertaken is usually unco-ordinated and at best, ad hoc.

Create or review you firms Marketing Plan

This is one of the two most important tasks that need to be addressed first.

It is achieved by establishing with key management what should be done and why in order to firstly establish the firm’s overall goals. Then a plan needs to be created to execute the management decisions.  We can assist by providing samples as well as how to go about the task of making this process all inclusive in order to get the all-important “buy-in”.

Checking and advising on the all-important database.

This is the second of the immediate issues that needs to be addressed. The database of just about every firm we see needs extensive work on their database and this work needs to be done with care as there are many misunderstandings and frankly a lack of knowledge about the way a database can be utilized by forms today.

Meet via Skype with relevant staff and get everyone “on board”.

This is highly important for obvious reasons but the planning of this process is just as important here. With our Skype meetings we find that it works best by meeting with different people individually during the 2 hour session.

Updating the website

The look and feel is very personal to you and your key staff and it is important that it reflect your firms’ values and culture.  Yet at the same time it must not be boring (as most are) because it must hold the interest of as many viewers as possible.

Nearly all websites we see contain out of date material, in spite of the fact that everyone almost universally acknowledges that web sites are viewed by clients and potential clients before they retain your services.

It is advantageous to get an external consultant review and audit your website with objectivity in order to make immediate amendments as well as to formulate an ongoing plan to ensure it is regularly maintained.

Introducing regular eNewsletter/s

This is a great way to cross sell your areas of practice and keep you “top of mind” with your existing clients and targets.

This may be created in both paper and electronic format to suit your client range although we strongly recommend enewsletters due to the cost of postage, yet there will be a percentage of your database that won’t have internet usage or access, so they too need to be catered for.

In this context newsletters can mean different types to different categories or groups of clients and target referrers, for example a business newsletter as well for groups such as accountants and your special interest groups. 

Assisting to introduce ongoing Seminars

This is a very valuable way of targeting potential clients as well as other corporate or professional groups as referrers.

We know benefits will be gained from our own experiences concerning the different elements that go to make up a successful seminar as well as some practical “do’s and don’ts”.

Creating other firm publications

This involves articles about your areas of law.  You need to demystify the law and illuminate issues from the clients’ perspective in an understandable way.  

There are many uses e.g. you could give them out at seminars or have available for clients who drop in.

How Skype visits work:

We meet for 2 hours over Skype at a set time monthly.

We provide an overall plan or roadmap for your firm which is developed and approved by you and then we assist with the execution of it, making any adjustments needed because some items may take longer than planned whilst some need to be done concurrently. It is updated each month after each meeting.

We find working with a written but flexible agenda, where the various items are listed identifying who is doing what and by when, creates the most efficient way of getting things done. Everyone also knows what work is up-coming so there is clarity and efficiencies around the planning.

After working out the agreed plan with you, we help ensure that the plan is implemented and avoidable errors are not made as well as being a sounding board and coach/helper with any issues that crop up since our last monthly visit.

In our experience, if the marketing or management work is known to be on an ongoing agenda and where a third party outside the firm is involved, it usually gets done - in spite of having a full workload!