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Office Managers Forum

We have developed a new and innovative method of helping your Office Manager through a series of inexpensive one hour monthly sessions, where we meet over the computer, have planned topics we cover and workshop ideas.

Normally, we have only 5 Office Managers attending the Forum so the group meetings are beneficial to everyone but at the same time the group is not too large or too small.

The role of Office Manager in some Law Firms is never defined and sometimes the person doing it is not even officially appointed!  In spite of this muddle, the firm carries on.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.

For the proper management and prosperity of a healthy law firm, a good Office Manager is key.

Typically Office Managers need to:

But it is also likely:

What do we cover in the Forum?

Once registered, we provide you with the meeting time details and the identity of the five other Office Managers who will also take part, so you know who will be at the meeting.  Note we don’t put anyone likely to be in competition with each other together.

We meet every month online.  All you do is join the meeting by calling a number and entering an access code and then enter the attendee ID we provide to you.

The course covers 7 modules and we progress through them each month for one hour per month at an appointed time, so that takes 7 months.

There are usually 5 other office managers like you and as well I am there too to moderate it and keep the meeting on track.  Anyone within the group can raise issues and of course ask questions as we go.

What does it cost?

This is a bargain at only $125 for each month, so in total it’s only $875 +GST.

Interested or want to know more?  All you need to do is register and we will call you to discuss it further. Or just email or call me on 0407 018 109.