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We write your eNewsletter Service

These days most lawyers accept that it is a smart move to conduct some form of marketing to promote their firm. The problem is, given the typical lawyers busy work schedule, you have no time to do it AND get the legal work done.

Sound familiar?  We solve that problem because we can write and design your newsletters for you.

Newsletters provide you with the opportunity to regularly connect with your clients- both new and old - as well as referrers of work and potential clients.  By sending them a newsletter every quarter, you are keeping your firm “top of mind”, so when they (or their next door neighbour, cousin, brother etc.) have a legal problem they go to you, or have the potential to be referred to you.

By far the most efficient and cost effective way of doing this is by sending them out via email.

The Quarterly eNewsletter Package

Here is how it works:

What does it cost?