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Database and Marketing Software

This new and revolutionary software created just for law firms enables management to plan the firm’s marketing with templates; set monthly targets; identify and allocate marketing tasks to relevant staff and report on the area and the firm’s overall performance on a target and actual basis. 

The software incorporates a sophisticated marketing specific database which enables you to send, analyse and report on electronic messages sent to clients.  As well as identifying individual clients who open the email marketing messages, creating an “interested clients” list, in priority order, thereby enabling you to know exactly who to follow up and what they were interested in!

Only a short few years ago law firms (mine included) spent a fortune on the printing of full colour multi page hard copy newsletters along with the cost of postage. Even after doing so we still didn’t know who was interested in what we were offering apart from those who actually contacted us. 

By contrast, this software is not only a fraction of the cost in communication en masse with your clients compared to the old way, you can immediately identify (and when we say immediately we mean within seconds of you sending the message) which clients are interested and therefore who then know who to call.

The product is amazing and turns law firm marketing on its head.

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