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A quick marketing tip (21st June 2013)

When someone does a favour for someone else, the recipient usually feels an obligation to reciprocate.

Think about the last time a fellow solicitor referred a client to you. Didn't you feel compelled to "return the favour"?

I'll bet the next time you had a client to refer, you thought of that solicitor first.

It works the same way with "little" favours. Send a helpful article to a client, for example, and they will feel the need to do something kind in return. What's interesting is that quite often, the reciprocal act is greater than the original one.  So when you send that article to someone, you might get a referral in return.

If you would like to get other solicitors thinking about ways to help you, here's your chance.

Forward this newsletter message to three solicitor friends. They will appreciate you for thinking of them. And who knows, when they have a client to refer, they might just think of you first.  And keep this in mind when you next read something which may be interesting to a contact you know.  They will appreciate you thinking of them and trying to be helpful.