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Does your firm pass the reception test? (6th August 2013)

“Spend 15 minutes in a waiting room and you can basically write your report out and it is likely to be accurate”.  This was said to me several years ago when my law firm was seeking the highest accreditation in ‘Quality in Law - Level 1V’, as it was then known.  It was said by the person doing the accreditation, when she finished that job.  She was being complimentary but naturally, I was shocked by what she said. 

Now, I spend a lot of time in law firm waiting rooms around the country and I think she is right.   Partners or senior management do not as a rule sit in their own waiting rooms. 

Here are ten recent experiences I’ve encountered, along with some tips:

These issues are only small, but you would be amazed about what you can pick up whilst waiting a short while in reception.  As the Accreditation lady was suggesting it is really a window to view the firm and assess if the firm is the right one for you.