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The oversell of SEO - our advice: SYM - save your money! (21st May 2013)

Marketing your law firm online means one thing to nearly every solicitor we meet.  That is to get to the top of the unpaid part of the list of available web pages. So let’s have a look at search engine optimisation (SEO).

Having an early placement means getting the lion’s share of search traffic for your keywords of choice, almost guaranteeing you dominance in your online legal marketing efforts.
The reality is though there are millions of web pages that are competing for that top position.   This is coming from other lawyers, legal directories and others all striving for the top page.

This is where specialist SEO companies are offering to help you get that spot. Promises are being made and from what we hear from fellow practitioners, the cost for this “service” is unbelievably high.  It’s reminiscent of the old “Yellow Pages” days where they’d say give us a lot of money and we’ll get you where you want to be. They offer everything when it comes to marketing your law firm online. Link-building, on-site optimization, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead – it’s all a variation on a theme.

Now that Yellow Pages and paid print advertising are now (rightly) out of favour, these SEO companies are moving in, seemingly to fill that void.  Do you remember when the Yellow Pages rep used to visit annually and dazzle you with statistics that were compelling, and every year you felt the charges were increasing exponentially?
Talk to your IT expert, they could teach you all you really need to know about SEO in about half an hour.

This is the key: whilst it’s critical for all law firms to have a website and important to be sensible to ensure that you are liked by Google, it’s fundamental to recognise that your website could be improved in other ways.  It will not only help with SEO but be more effective for you. This is not done by some “magic pill” solution in the form of SEO. It is done by having a smart co-ordinated marketing plan that not only deals with the website but features other marketing efforts that are probably ignored.

The harsh reality is if you want to retain the clients you currently have, and as well, attract more, then just having a website and having paid for SEO “help” in our experience falls well short of effective marketing. Put your money towards other proven and effective marketing plans in a sensible co-ordinated plan.

We have looked at more law firm websites than have had hot breakfasts and we estimate that one in ten law firm websites does the job properly.  Our message is; save your SEO money and improve your website by putting relevant and useful information on your site.  Forget about over-focusing on SEO.  If you want to read more on this point we have an article on our website that highlights common law firm website weaknesses.