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Have you wished all the Accountants you know A Happy New Year? (6th August 2013)

The new financial year reminded me about the boring and predictable (so called marketing efforts) some law firms still hang on to, like sending Christmas cards to selected clients.

A senior partner at one firm I know proudly told me that was the centrepiece of his marketing effort.  I thought he was joking until he then showed me the file opening form that allowed everyone to tick a box to allow (or not) for a card to be sent.

If this describes your firm or your Managing Partner we suggest you rethink the strategy.  Whilst it may be well intended, it is so out of date you could be doing more harm than good.  To me it says ‘we are a 1980’s firm and proudly stuck there’!

Consider these points:

Your clients will appreciate that you have a heart and are mindful that business is part of a community and should do its part in supporting it.

We have just started a new financial year.  I’ll bet you know a lot of Accountants and currently you get (or would like to get) work from them.  Here is a quick marketing tip.  Make a quick list of Accountants you know who fall into this category.  Send them each an article that is specific to them in a short email wishing them well for this new financial year.   Send them something interesting, valuable, or inspiring.  They will be glad you took the trouble to write and will look forward to your next message. Stay in touch with them and when they need your services or know someone who does, they won't go to a search engine to find a lawyer; they'll go to their email inbox and find you.

So you may need to send a number of different articles to ensure they are relevant.  Don’t send one massive email where all the accountants are listed as recipients - send individual ones please.

Sure it’s a bit corny wishing them happy New Year, but if the article is helpful they will appreciate it, and that’s the important thing.

That's the easy part.  The hard part is this; wanting to do it and having the discipline to continue with it.   You see, I know you want the business and I know that you know it will get you work and increase profits.  The problem is setting up these sorts of plans, getting them started and establishing the discipline or culture within the firm to continue them, so they become self-propelling.   That’s where we come into it and that’s where we can help, so call if you want to chat about it.